Are all easy-to-clean coatings environmentally friendly?

Depending on the chemical composition and method of application, some self cleaning glass coatings may be more harmful to the environment than others.

The self clening glass coating Balcony systems uses is a patented nano-coating and is based on an environmentally safe scientific process. The chemicals used in the patented process have been in use for over 55 years in the aviation industry, for different applications, and are not found in the “Clean Air Act” or the “Clean Water Act”. There are also no PELS (permissible exposure limits) set by OSHA.  They have implemented, with  extreme eco-friendly philosophy, the highest standards in the handling of chemicals so that any scientific process used is safe to the environment.

Thus, in the manufacture process and application process of the self clean coating an ultra efficient yet simple neutralization system has been implemented that renders the chemicals and their by-products completely safe and inert. We strive not only to protect the environment but to preserve it from any contamination or pollution.

In addition to this the coating itself will reduce the need for harful chemical in cleaning of the glass in future and in this manner will have a positive impact on the enviroment.