Aluminium and glass balcony

Two 7.38 metre glass and aluminium balconies supplied by Balcony Systems enhance spectacular views overlooking Warfleet Creek and beautiful countryside in Dartmouth.

Paul and Brenda Reach replaced a timber balcony with Balcony Systems’ low-maintenance balustrading, adding a second one above off a new open-plan 24 foot square reception area.


Says Paul: “We got such a good deal from Balcony Systems that we did both to match! We wanted a toughened glass balcony and easily obtained an immediate online quote from their website. It worked for us!

“Balcony’s service was brilliant. They sent a sample balustrade section for our builder to test with the steel beams supporting the balcony and he was very impressed. The balconies are fantastic, transforming the open views from our home, which is on a 45-degree hill. We now get a full view of the river.”