Aerofoil Glass Balustrade in Cumbria

“Balconette’s advice for our balustrade worked really well for us”

When your new glass balcony is positioned to make the most of the sun, it pays to heed the advice of a trusted balustrading supplier like Balconette.

Corner Glass Balustrade

Having outlined their plans for a glass balustrade on their self-build dormer bungalow near Whitehaven in Cumbria, Rae and Sharon Tomlinson chose tinted glass panels to provide not only privacy, but more importantly, protection from the sun.

With retirement approaching, the couple downsized from a larger house and built a smaller home more suited to their needs. The new property incorporates a balcony from which to enjoy far-reaching views across the Irish Sea to the Isle of Man and Scottish coast to the north.

Aerofoil Glass Balustrade

Delighted with the enjoyment derived from their new balcony, the Tomlinsons are particularly pleased with Balconette’s Aerofoil handrail that tops the six-metre span of their balustrade.

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