Aerofoil and Orbit Glass Balustrades, East Sussex

“The clean line of glass doesn’t spoil our wonderful view”

Glass was the balustrading material of choice for this large renovated patio at an East Sussex home that enjoys spectacular unspoilt views across adjoining countryside.

Glass Balcony in Sussex

More than 40 metres of Balconette’s Aerofoil and Orbit glass balustrades enclose the elevated terrace behind the bungalow near Hartfield owned by Pamela Lamb and her husband.

Pamela said: “We had to rebuild the existing terrace as it was in a poor condition, partly collapsed and with no protective barrier. We needed a balustrade for safety reasons as the patio is about two metres above the ground.”

Glass Balustrades in East SussexGlass Balustrades on Strairs

“The clean line of the glass doesn’t spoil our wonderful view and the balustrade finishes the patio beautifully, and with safety. The balustrade has been installed for nine months now and still looks spotless. We would definitely recommend Balconette and their products!”

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